Managing the medical mindshift: From actionism to entrepreneurial practice management

Data, facts and instruments on the German health system

What it’s all about

If one analyses the success of the various practice management strategies in general practitioners‘ and specialists‘ practices with the help of company comparisons, it becomes apparent that the approach of entrepreneurial practice management produces the best qualitative and quantitative results.

A term with implications

The term „entrepreneurial practice management“ refers to the systematic use of validated methods, instruments and behavioural patterns in medical practices of all specialities, which, while taking into account the practice goals, are both future-proof and flexible in order to

  • the best possible quality of medical care for patients,
  • a balanced and motivating quality of work for doctors and medical assistants as well as
  • economic success.

This form of practice management is designed to always act proactively and successfully in the multi-layered events of the health care system with all its imponderables – and not only to react passively without greater freedom of decision.

How this works is described in the white paper „Why general practitioners and specialists should manage their practices entrepreneurially“.