Leisure, family, security: How GPs and specialists realise their personal goals

What it’s all about

Combining practice activities with the realisation of personal goals is becoming increasingly important for general practitioners and specialists. However, for one decisive but correctable reason, this has so far been insufficiently successful.

The view from the outside

Surveys of general practitioners and specialists show that values such as personal quality of life and work, leisure, family and security are highly valued. However, many have the impression that their practice activities stand in the way of the implementation of the values mentioned. External factors are identified as the main influencing factors, first and foremost bureaucracy.

The view from within

A closer look at the work in medical practices, however, reveals a completely different cause:

On average, practice owners and their teams do not even use half of the instruments, regulations and behavioural patterns necessary for smoothly functioning work.

The insufficient implementation of these best practice standards is the central reason why personal goals can only be implemented insufficiently. Further external influences make the situation even more difficult.

The path to goal achievement

The easiest and quickest way for general practitioners and specialists to turn their visions into reality is to carry out a Practice Management Comparison©. With its help, the individual practice situation and the best practice standard are compared with each other, without the need for an on-site consultant, and previously unused opportunities for improvement are identified. Its implementation is the decisive step towards a practice management that makes it possible to really achieve personal goals.