Practice management in transition: Instead of isolated parameter considerations, also analyse impact relationships

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What it is all about

Practice management comparisons are not only able to determine key performance indicators (KPIs) for the quality of practice management, but also impact relationships. Example.

The transmitter function of practice management

Practice management functions as a transmitter of the medical competence of doctors, the activities of medical assistants and the resources used in the actual care of patients. The quality of its organisation determines

  • the extent to which the skills of the doctors and the abilities of the staff are made available to the patients in the form of comprehensive assistance,
  • it also determines how quickly practice teams can react to changes of any kind, implement them and benefit from them (example: digitalisation),
  • and last but not least, it affects costs, turnover and profit.

BPS and PCQS in the impact network

The performance of practice management is measured with the help of the Best Practice Standard (BPS). It describes all instruments, regulations and behavioural patterns that are necessary for a practice to function smoothly even under changing requirements.

A central output parameter of practice management is the quality of care, measured in the form of the KPI „Patient Care Quality Score (PCQS)“. This KPI results from the combination of the demands that patients have on the practice work with the satisfaction that is achieved via the practice management.

Scary reality

If one puts both variables, BPS and PCQS, into a relationship, the curve of the contribution picture results, which was determined by a cross-sectional analysis of practice management – operation comparisons in GP and specialist practices.

The curve makes it clear that already from a BPS of 60%, the assessment of the quality of care drops drastically and rapidly develops negatively in the further course.

This context explains how important it is to determine the degree of implementation of the BPS in a GP or specialist practice in order to ensure not only internal efficiency and productivity, but also the quality of care. The validated instrument with which practice owners can determine and control the values of their businesses is the Practice Management Business Comparison©.

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