Pharmaceutical sales: How thinking outside the box objectifies customer value

Data, facts and instruments on the German health system

What it’s all about

„I know my customers!“: probably no phrase is used more frequently by pharmaceutical sales staff. But it only applies to the medical work of the doctors and possibly to private aspects. But a look beyond the purely preparation-related horizon would open up a new and important dimension for customer value.

The importance of practice management for medicine is growing

In a profound change such as is currently taking place in the health care system, a functioning practice management is the decisive prerequisite for the sustainable medical and economic success of general practitioners and specialists. The Best Practice Standard serves as a reference for functionality. It contains all regulations, instruments and behavioural patterns that ensure smooth practice activities even under changing requirements.

One-dimensional client evaluations are misleading

A random sample of doctors assigned to the A category by the sales department showed that two-thirds of these practices had a Best Practice implementation level of less than 60%. This indicates that

  • these practices are operating well below their potential in terms of quality of care, efficiency, productivity and bottom line, and that
  • in the medium term, if the poor quality practice management situation continues, it will no longer be possible to grow prescriptions for these customers, so that the customer value will automatically decrease.

Support and customer value development

With the help of a simple operational comparison, sales staff would be able to

  • support their contacts in determining their individual best practice status and provide them with concrete help to optimise the overall operational performance, including patient care quality, with the suggestions for improvement identified by this analysis, while at the same time
  • develop and secure customer value and also,
  • to clearly differentiate themselves from the sales competition.

The above-mentioned effects materialise quickly, since most of the improvement possibilities can be implemented immediately and concretely on the practices‘ own initiative, a classic win-win constellation for all involved.