Digitisation of the medical practice: Doctors and medical assistants have different perspectives

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What it’s all about

The implementation and benefits of digitisation depend primarily on concrete and systematic action, not only in medical practices. However, the prerequisite for this is always a positive willingness. In GP and specialist practices, the picture is divided with regard to the latter aspect.

The SWOT Check

One of the seven investigation procedures of the practice management comparison is a benchmarking SWOT analysis. The four letters of the analysis name stand for

  • „S“: „Strengths
  • W: Weaknesses
  • „O“: „Opportunities“ and
  • „T“: „Threats“.

The SWOT analysis is a well-known and easy-to-implement method of practical analysis. In terms of strengths and weaknesses, the views of doctors, medical staff and patients are contrasted. Threats and opportunities are contrasted from the perspective of practice owners and staff.

A clear result

A cross-sectional analysis of practice comparisons showed,

that 56% of medical assistants actively cite digitalisation when describing opportunities for their practices, but only 8% of practice owners in the comparison.

The result explains, in addition to other explanatory approaches, why the transformation of outpatient medicine is progressing only slowly.