Routines in everyday practice: when the tried and tested becomes a danger

What it’s all about

Routines are fixed procedures in practice management that help doctors and medical assistants to complete their tasks quickly, effectively and efficiently. Used correctly, they increase productivity and reduce stress levels in the team. But beware: in many practices, routines pose a danger because they are too rarely reviewed for their effectiveness.

The reality of routines

Practice management comparisons show that 40% of routines in medical practices are not up to date and worsen the work situation.

To avoid this, it is important to regularly review best practice standards and benchmark practice management processes. Would you like to know how the benchmarking approach works and what advantages it offers? Then you should take a look at the free publication „Benchmarking practice management for general practitioners and specialists – method, application and benefits“. It describes in detail how you as a GP or specialist can benefit from this approach.

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With a regular review and adjustment of routines, GPs and specialists can ensure that they provide the best possible patient care and achieve smooth team management.