Pilot project on personal development of medical professionals: Urgently needed

Facts and figures on the German health care system

What it is all about

In its online edition of 13.04.2022, the Ärzte Zeitung reported on the pilot project „LongProf“, which aims to support and promote the personal development of doctors. Topics include dealing with one’s own mistakes or one’s own positioning between patient care and economic aspects. The goal is to integrate this aspect into medical training after an evaluation. Among other things, this would also solve a central problem of outpatient practice management.

Leadership desert medical practice

The Leadership Materialisation Score (LMS, use of leadership instruments in comparison to the best practice standard) in GP and specialist practices currently amounts to 40% (optimum: 100%), the Leadership Impact Score (LIS, employee satisfaction in relation to requirements, optimum: 100%) to 36%. At the same time, two-thirds of the practice owners are of the opinion that they manage their staff well, but only 20% of the MFAs see it the same way.

What medical assistants criticise

The main things mentioned as „lowlights“ are:

  • criticism-heavy side communication with reprimands in the presence of patients,
  • lack of recognition of work performance
  • lack of interest on the part of the practice owners in the ideas and suggestions of the female staff,
  • no formulation of work goals and standards that could provide orientation,
  • little agreement,
  • constantly changing priorities for the same issues,
  • authoritarian decision-making,
  • no team support.

Capped productivity

Most medical assistants have adapted to the situations in their practices, try to make their working day as bearable as possible and concentrate on providing the best possible care for their patients. In this context, with a few measures and more leadership know-how of the medical staff, a real productivity boost could be achieved in most practices, to the benefit of all. The project could lay an important foundation for this.

How good is your practice management in general?

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