Learnings from practice management company comparisons©: Overtime is not a necessary evil

Data, facts and instruments on the German health system

What it’s all about

Many practice teams complain that their work can only be endured if they work longer hours than planned every day. The reason is seen in the excessive burdens of administration, bureaucracy and patients. But this is a misconception.

Overtime and its effects

Demotivation, overwork, declining labour productivity, costs: permanent overtime has many negative consequences. If one compares the data of practice owners and staff on their stress levels in structurally identical businesses with and without an overtime burden, it is on average almost forty percent higher in the teams that constantly work longer hours.

On track with just a few steps

Cross-sectional evaluations of practice management company comparisons© show that in GP and specialist practices where overtime continuously occurs, it is not too much work that is responsible for this, but on average eight misadjustments of the organisation and time management, which result from the fact that necessary best practices of practice management are not used. If this is corrected, the problem is immediately eliminated.

How good is practice management in general?

Service offerings are only one component of professional practice management. GPs and specialists who want to obtain an overall view of the quality of work in their practice and identify previously unused opportunities for improvement can use the Practice Management Comparison© for this purpose.