Medical mindshifting: why the USP is becoming so important for GPs and specialists

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What it is all about

Up to now, only a few practice owners have taken care of the topic of the „Unique Selling Proposition“ (USP) for their businesses. However, the urgency to have and communicate a clear position on this has clearly increased.

Anchoring in the practice strategy

The USP of the „service enterprise medical practice“ is inseparably linked to the decision on the range of services and the target groups. Four basic scenarios play a role here: with

  • to exploit the already existing target group(s) more broadly/deeply with the existing range of services,
  • to address the already existing target group(s) with new services,
  • the existing service portfolio to attract new target groups or with
  • new groups of people with new offers.

The design of the USP does not necessarily have to be based on medical facts. It is possible, for example, to differentiate one’s practice emotionally and to focus on the special patient-friendliness. However, it is also possible to focus on a regional aspect or combine different approaches.

Which practice needs a USP?

But why will the USP become significantly more important in the future? Five reasons speak for it:

  • one wants to attract desired patients in a targeted way and not work in an undifferentiated way, an aspect that very few doctors have implemented professionally so far, but which has far-reaching significance for the sustainability of future practice success,
  • for start-ups, takeovers and cooperations, the definition of the USP is obligatory today,
  • in highly competitive health care regions, positioning is essential for survival,
  • in the context of the shortage of MFA specialists, one’s own practice team needs a basis for identification, and
  • the USP also helps to recruit new staff.

How good is the practice management in general?

The USP is only one component of professional practice management. GPs and specialists who would like to obtain an overall view of the quality of work in their practice and identify as yet unused opportunities for improvement can use the Practice Management Comparison© for this purpose.

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