The IFABS Business Comparison Tracker© for GP, Specialist and Dental Practice Management

Data, facts and instruments on the German health system

What it’s all about

The IFABS Practice Comparison Tracker captures, documents and analyzes the practice management activities of primary care physicians, specialists and dentists along with the effects achieved. This long-term investigation procedure for macro and micro analysis of outpatient practice management is based on a dynamically developing collective of currently more than 15,000 Practice Management Operational Comparisons© conducted in medical and dental practices.

The objectives of the business comparison

Whereas business comparisons normally serve to classify the economic situation of medical practices, the IFABS Practice Management Business Comparison©, which has been tried and tested and validated for more than twenty years, offers general practitioners, specialists and dentists the opportunity to compare the type, intensity and effects of their practice management, from planning to organization, marketing, leadership, patient care and controlling, with two reference benchmarks:

  • The specialty group standard, which represents the realities of practice management in practices of one’s own specialty, and
  • the best practice standard, i.e. the regulations, instruments and behaviors that ensure smoothly functioning practice operations even under changing conditions.

The objective of this benchmarking is to provide practice owners with

  • in addition to determining the status of their own practice management
  • an overview of the previously undiscovered risk factors and
  • unused performance reserves in practice management, and to provide them with an
  • to provide them with a key performance indicator (KPI) system that ensures transparency in the areas of management action and with the help of which practice activities can be controlled.

The diagnostic system of the company tracker is suitable for all specialties, types and sizes of practices.

The goals of the tracker

By aggregating the authorized and anonymized results from the individual surveys, detailed subject-specific cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses can be carried out, which provide

  • provide statistical facts about practice management in German medical and dental practices,
  • reveal fundamental „stumbling blocks“ in practice management,
  • provide information about unused resources in outpatient patient care, and
  • reveal trends.

The results of the cross-sectional and longitudinal analyses are published regularly in the blog „UP: Unlocking Potentials“.

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