Digital offerings for patients: Primary care physicians and specialists underestimate the requirements

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What it’s all about

To answer the question of why general practitioners and specialists tend to be reluctant to engage with the topic of „digitization,“ it is also crucial to consider the fact that practice owners significantly underestimate their patients‘ interest in digital offerings and services.

A misjudgment with consequences

This is shown by the results of the IFABS Business Comparison Tracker© for GP, specialist and dental practice management.

If doctors on average assume that practice-side digital offerings are relevant to 20% of their practice visitors, patient feedback is 75%.

This does not mean that all advocating patients also want to use all tools. For many who may only book their appointments online, video consultations are not an option at all. Nevertheless, they appreciate that „their doctor is digital on the go.“ As a result, the transformation has a secondary effect that is important for practice operations, because personal referrals are still the most important channel for attracting new patients.

Help for practice alignment.

Practice owners who are basically thinking about supporting their work with digital tools face the problem of an unmanageable offer. Therefore, it is helpful to first focus the search on fields of action,

  • in which the selection can be narrowed down,
  • which guarantee rapid implementation success, and
  • with which initial digital experience can be gained.

One such area includes, in particular, the aforementioned patient requests for digital practice offerings. Whether free WLAN, messenger and app communication, online appointments or video consultations, the requirements vary greatly from practice to practice due to the different care target groups. However, they can be determined quickly and easily with the help of the Valetudo Check-up© „Patient Satisfaction with Medical Practice“ with digital interest and service query.