Successful practice management: Why the best practice standard is indispensable here

What it’s all about

For general practitioners and specialists, it is not only important to follow guidelines, rules and best practices with regard to their medical activities, but also in the design of practice management. Here, the Best Practice Standard describes all instruments, regulations and behaviour for a smoothly functioning practice.

The Best Practice benefit

Its consideration as far as possible guarantees that

  • a practice works effectively, efficiently and economically,
  • it can react flexibly to changing performance requirements,
  • the staff are motivated,
  • high-quality work can be done,
  • normal working hours can be observed and
  • the best possible patient care is offered.

Status: Practice management insufficiency

In German GP and specialist practices, however, almost half of these extremely important standards are currently not being realised; they are characterised by practice management insufficiency. This explains why so many doctors and their staff complain about a permanent lack of time and work pressure. The bureaucratisation often cited as a cause in this context is of only secondary importance. To what extent one’s own work meets this standard and in which areas there may be a need for change can be determined by every practice owner with a practice management benchmarking. The dashboard generated in this way (cf. title page) shows the currently implemented best practice status for all action areas of practice management; the associated expertise describes the necessary change measures if required.

The dashboard shows the way

How this convenience approach works and what it achieves is described in detail in the publication: „Benchmarking practice management for general practitioners and specialists – method, application and benefits“. It is free of charge for GPs and specialists; the code needed for the free download can be requested by e-mail to, stating the practice address.