Quality of practice management: A diffusely used term clearly defined

Data, facts and instruments on the German health system

What it is about

In professional publications, seminars and events, the quality of practice management is often mentioned. However, it turns out that it is mostly used as a phrase and lacks a substantive underpinning. Yet the definition is quite simple and pragmatic.

The reference for quality

The quality of practice management is synonymous with the implementation of the best practice standard of practice management that applies to every general practitioner and specialist. It describes all the regulations, instruments and behaviours that are necessary for the smooth functionality of practice work, even under changing requirements.

If the best practice standard is met by at least 80% or more, one speaks of high-quality practice management.

Benchmarking with The Best Practice Standard

The quality of practice management can be easily determined and adapted: the general practitioner or specialist compares his or her own practice management with the catalogue of the best practice standard (benchmarking) and, if there are deviations, adapts his or her work to the conditions of the standard. All that is needed is a good half hour of documentation time for the doctor, another twenty minutes for each medical assistant and a patient survey.

German medical practices weaken in implementing the Best Practice Standard

The comparison is important for every practice owner,

since the data of the IFABS Betriebsvergleich-Tracker© for GP, specialist and dental practice management show that half of the best practice standard is not applied in German medical practices.

The consequences are acutely felt in the form of work overload, hecticness and lack of time, but also manifest themselves in the persistence of hidden risk factors that only gradually unfold their damaging potential.

GPs and specialists who would like to examine the quality of their practice management can use the Practice Management Comparison© for this purpose.