Marketing and sales of digital solutions to general practitioners and specialists: Every word counts

Data, facts and instruments on the German health system Data, facts and instruments on the German health system

What it’s all about

As in all sales processes, the wording or terms used in the service descriptions and the associations associated with them play an important role in digital offers. But only very few providers know what matters to doctors in their argumentation.

In search of the killer terms

As part of the „SalesTalk Insights“ project, the framework data for the sale of digital solutions is also regularly analysed by means of doctor surveys. A current exploration deals with the descriptions of their services used by manufacturers/providers and the descriptors used in this context. The central finding after the first three hundred interviews with general practitioners and specialists is that many of the items used are negatively loaded among medical professionals and thus tend to hinder rather than promote sales.

Not everything should be called by its name

The assessment is made with the help of the Sales Argument Impact Score (SAI score), which is based on a scale from „0“ to „100“ (negative / positive association), supplemented by a qualitative description of the respective personal idea. Among other things, the feature „storage in the cloud“, which is often highlighted as a USP, was examined. The surveys resulted in a negatively polarised score of 38.7% for this. However, terms such as „AI“, „algorithm“ and „workflow automation“ were also rated in the lower scale range, as were the outcome descriptions „efficiency“ or „productivity“. It is therefore advisable to replace such terms with paraphrases when they are first used and only introduce them later.